About Me

Laquanya is a native of the Capital District Region. With an  enthusiasm for helping people see the impossible within themselves,  her motto is “be kind to yourself.” She endeavors to help create  vision in those she works with to instill a hope for their future with  a combination of passion, creativity and thoughtfulness.
Laquanya Haggray is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a Level II  Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor. Founder of  Ready Counseling Services in Albany, NY, she specializes in creating a  safe, calm, healing environment to address symptoms of anxiety,  depression and trauma.

About Ready Counseling

Ready Counseling Services is based in the Capital District Area and  accepting new clients. We address all life areas to help you live a  life of peace, tranquility and possibility. Using positive psychology  and a client centered approach, Ready Counseling helps the client to  be kind to themselves in the journey of healing from life’s stressors.  Whether you are adjusting to life changes, grieving a loss, struggling  with depression, addressing anxiety, have addiction concerns or feel  stuck, we are READY to walk with you on your journey.

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